The Representation of Views Poll

In a new poll for NCSU, we asked the public a series of questions related to the representation of different political views. The full tables are available here.


  • Client: NSCU
  • Fieldwork Period: February 21-27, 2023
  • Sampling Method: Online
  • Population Sampled: All adults (18+) in Great Britain
  • Sample Size: 2,782
  • Data Collection: The data is acquired from a panel provider offering participants the chance to win money. The sampling relies on an online quota approach. Specifically, participants are sampled to meet Office of National Statistics quotas for gender, age, region, socio-economic group, vote in the 2019 general election, and vote in the 2016 Brexit referendum. No criteria are used to over- or undersample respondents. To ensure the polling is representative of the target population, we use official and reliable data sources to match the sample to demographic population targets.
  • Weighting: The sample has been weighted to be representative of the population on the following variables: gender, age, socio-economic group, region, vote in the 2019 General Elections and 2016 Brexit referendum vote.